Introduction of netRoute Technologies

netRoute Technologies is an endeavor which has been taken by industry experts with an aim to fill the gap between education and industry domain for technical streams. It is established by Mr. Kalpesh with an intention to empower the young & dynamic minds who are eager to innovate and find new horizon in terms with development of their technical / practical knowledge and be eligible to secure their place into the corporate world or start an entrepreneurship, by doing so help India and self to grow.

Founder of netRoute Technologies

Mr. Kalpesh is the founder of netRoute Technologies, he is having experience with IT & telecom giants to handle the large networks including state and countrywide scope. With the experience of technical interviews of fresh candidates he observed that there is a huge gap of knowledge and practical skills in the fresher, however, these young and dynamic freshers are having the urge to do something and the big, the only issue was proper guidance. While the need for practical skills in the industry is a must. Hence Mr. Kalpesh has started the company as a training center to provide cutting edge knowledge of practical skills in networking domain but it is not limited to the scope of training only, the company is always finding a way to serve the country with new ideas.

What Makes Us Different Than Other It Training & Placement Institute?

To make a strong foot into the IT industry, freshers, as well as working professionals, are looking for IT training centers which can help them achieve IT domain expertise and attractive placement opportunities. Considering the unique needs of students and working professionals, netRoute technologies offers various Training suitable for all. Despite numerous training centers, netRoute technologies stand out from the rest. The reason behind that is that we offer a unique blend of fundamentals and practical sessions to the students that help them gain fundamental knowledge and hands-on experience. Our training programs are designed by industry experts with the sole objective of Making our students capable as soon as possible. If you have an interest in Networking and want to build a career in it, then look no further than netRoute technologies, one of the best training centers.

Our Methodology

To ensure that all the affiliates of netRoute Technologies get trained as per MNC standards to crack the MNC interviews and get the insights of real knowledge. We have developed a scientific approach for the training design, we call it 3 layer training. This technique is internationally proven and successful. We usually have 1 session of 2 hours & these 2 hours has been divided into three different layers….

Layer-1: Break the Language Barrier

This is the first layer which is being carried for 1st one hour of the session, where our expert will get you to the insights of building the base of any complex topic with the easy and understandable language and day to day life example. This is being made interesting by our expert like storytelling and make you enable to have a brief understanding of the complex topic.

Layer-2: Empower the Vision

Audio and visual is always a key to learn new things and it lasts long in our memory, with the use of this technical fact we have designed this layer-2, where our expert will provide handpicked audiovisuals of the industry experts from Cisco/juniper and other renowned companies. This is like a two-way sword, as it will help you in the improvement of English as well as the technical term which is used by industry leaders.

Layer-3: Practice on Practical

The last layer is to have some practical experience by use of simulators / emulators and real equipment like routers, switches and other equipment. This will enable you to have practical insights of the topic and experience.

How we make fresher capable!!!

  • Task Based Training:

We strongly believe that difference between Fresher and Experience is only that experience personal has faced the situation while fresher did not got chance to face realworld situation. In unique approach of Task based training we create a situation / environment for fresher to let them face real-world issues, with this they gain understanding of “How-To” for technology. Essentially this Task based training make them ready for industry challenges and they feel more confident just like an experienced personal.

  • Flavor of Industry:

We have observed that Industries are often having many terms / Methodologies / procedure which was not the part of any education and hence when fresher face the first interaction with industry he gets confused with these new world. To overcome this issue we blend our training content with Industry terminologies, Models, Methodologies and Procedure, so Fresher gets clear Idea about this before facing an industry. This keeps our students apart as they are well aware about industry and feel confident.

  • Tools Introduction:

We provide understanding of tools and software which is being used by different companies in realtime, so that our students can understand what they will use when get placed into that particular company.

  • Resume Building:

As one size does not fits all, same way one Resume cannot be appealing for All jobs. With help of our Trainers who are industry experts and taken hundreds of Interviews we learned many tips and tricks to make any Resume effective. We integrate all these tips and cater the marvelous “Resume Building” Seminar which helps students to make an appealing and effective resume.

  • Company List:

Our vast experience teach us many hidden secrets about industry and one of them is to identify the potential employer, With our experience we prepare and continuously upgrading list of the companies who are constantly looking for talented students / candidates for job. We provide this rare list of companies to our students so that they can directly approach the company and showcase their skills to them in order to get hired.

Always deliver more than expected.


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